Amera Group is a consulting company specialized in real estate developments characterized by dynamism and promptitude thanks to its young composing team. We are demanding in terms of quality, flexible and conscientiously in the objectives that we committed.
The main project of Amera Group Company is an office building of 11 floors with a total aria of 8900 square meters. Amera Group is in charge of managing the facility both in technical matters and financial, legal and management aspects. We differ from our competitors by providing a comprehensive and integrated service: real estate development and administration.


Amera  Group operates by providing to its customers a package of services, integrated
solutions due to its departments:

- Financial
- Legal
- Technical
- Commercial
- Operational


MDM Consulting Ltd is a company of financial audit, accounting and consultancy, a member of the Financial Auditors Chamber of Romania and the member of the Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romanian group. MDM Consulting has over 15 years experience in business accounting, consulting, auditing and accounting expertise as one of the largest companies in Cluj, in this field. The organizational system existent in MDM Consulting provides a high level of confidentiality of accounting information, appreciated by all the clients.


MEDLINE COM is a private company  founded in 1994 with local capital, and has main  field of activity professional cleaning services (industrial and civil), performed in firms, offices, shopping centers, factories, cinemas, hotels, etc. To support the full spectrum of customer needs in 2009 Medline went through a process of change in its business strategy. They diversified their activity and now provide integrated services to their partners.


Combridge was established in Romania in 2002, before the telecommunications market liberalisation and is part of the largest telecommunications company in Europe, Deutsche Telekom Group - As industry, competitive alternatives Combridge offers for telecommunications solutions on the market in Romanian IT&C.


DAS Company was founded in 2002 as a private company; it’s main activity is offering, long-term, global solutions of entrepreneurship in the field of installations. Currently the company has two components: DAS ENGINEERING GROUP and DAS INSTAL. Provided services refer to both design and consultant, as well as the execution. The company boasts such clients as: EUROGSM SRL, AMARETO SRL, MEGA GRUP SRL, DELMOD SRL etc.


Established in 1962, IMSAT employs more than 1400 people and a turnover of EURO 78,2 million for 2009, having an international presence in : France, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Jordan, etc. The trades within IMSAT are: mechanical engineering and erection, electrical engineering and erection, industrial process, industrial shelters, HVAC, security systems, telecommunications.The services offered by IMSAT are: engineering, fabrication, equipment purchase, erection, tests and commissioning, maintenance and project management.  IMSAT offers the services mentioned above for the following markets: industry, tertiary, telecommunications, transport.


Taxus Art Company is registered as a new company on the Romanian market but boasts high-level reference works carried out in over 10 years. The main activity of the company is planning, executing general maintenance and care of parks and green spaces. These services offer both individuals and legal persons and companies.


Termoplast SRL is a mixed company founded in 1994 with the purpose to produce and install PVC profile designs and aluminum designs with insulating glass, as one of the first companies in this domain. In the beginning, production took place in a rented unused place in Apahid..Because of growing client demand and because they wanted to work with high quality standards they began acquiring a piece of land of 1440 square meters in order to built their own production house. Sales figures grew from year to year, thus in 2006 it reached approximately 3 million euro. The company has 50 employees: PVC and aluminum workers, assembly personnel, technical workers.


Provides innovative ideas and creates value for their customers, making them ambassadors of quality requirements and a life style that is Jolly. Focuses on both the aesthetic and the practical and to implement innovative novelties and ideas faster and more efficiently than anyone, anywhere.


La Forja is a company with tradition in manufacturing iron, who present a large number of products made of hot manufactured iron. The company has developed hot manufactured iron object resulting very functional, full of good taste, resistant and robust, with apparently delicate structures, ornamental and long lasting models, consisting from gates and fences to extravagant indoor furniture.


CS INVEST CONSULTING offers quality assistance over the entire investment process in order to identify the best solutions in terms of both time and money. The company activates at the moment in two locations: in Cluj - Napoca is the company`s headquarters, and in Bucharest is a secondary office, opened in July 2010, thus covering the entire country, and the future plans include the expansion abroad.



Piaţa birourilor se mişcă şi la periferia oraşului

Primul imobil verde de acest gen din Cluj-Napoca va redeveni integral ocupat până în toamnă. Pe platforma Clujana, dezvoltatorii de la Coratim au aceeaşi ţintă.

Care sunt cele mai verzi construcţii ale Clujului

Acesta intră cu trei imobile pe lista „Celor mai verzi clădiri din România”, o analiză a Consiliului Român pentru Clădiri Verzi, NAI România şi platforma

Lucraţi într-o clădire de birouri?

You can see hear the list of the greenest office buildings

Germanii de la E.ON au nevoie de 600 de oameni la Cluj

Grupul german E.ON, care în România are afaceri de peste un miliard de euro în domeniul gazelor naturale şi al energiei electrice, a inaugurat ieri un Business Service Center la Cluj-Napoca, unde vor fi create 600 de noi locuri de muncă până la finalul anului 2015.

Germanii de la E.ON au nevoie de 600 de oameni la Cluj

Grupul german E.ON, care în România are afaceri de peste un miliard de euro în domeniul gazelor naturale şi al energiei electrice, a inaugurat ieri un Business Service Center la Cluj-Napoca, unde vor fi create 600 de noi locuri de muncă până la finalul anului 2015.



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Calea Baciului, nr. 2-4,
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
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